Min Lian, MD, PhD

Min Lian, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor of Epidemiology and Medicine


Dr. Lian is a Spatial Epidemiologist. His research interests focus on spatial-correlated epidemiological methodology and its application in cancer prevention and control. He has extensive training and research experience in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), spatial statistics, and Bayesian hierarchical modeling, aiming to i) identify geographic clustering/hot-spots, ii) develop modeling-based smoothing maps, iii) quantify spatial/temporal variations and spatial autocorrelation, iv) construct indexed measurements of built neighborhood environments (e.g., socioeconomic deprivation, walkability, and spatial accessibility to health/public services), and v) examine the roles of neighborhood disadvantages in diseases and relevant health risk behaviors. Dr. Lian is also interested in gene-neighborhood interaction in cancer-related risk behaviors, such as cigarette smoking.

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