ICTS, I2 and HSIL part of the CD2H Award

A National Center for Digital Health Innovation

Institute for Informatics Lecture Series – Fall 2017

Institute for Informatics Lecture Series - Fall 2017

Precision Medicine: Making Warfarin Safer

The GIFT trial used precision medicine to make warfarin safer.

Length of Service Awards

The Division of General Medical Sciences is proud of the faculty and staff who have served Washington University School of...

Survey: Half of kids in families studied spend time in households with firearms

Research led by Jane M. Garbutt, MD, shows few parents report talking about gun safety with their children’s pediatricians.

Institute for Informatics launches

To support the growing need to manage and harness big data, Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis is...

Building better health

Keeping the toughest jobs safe requires boots-on-the-ground research and a can-do company attitude. A campus building project is putting these...

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