Elizabeth (Betsy) J Keath, PhD

Elizabeth (Betsy) J Keath, PhD

Associate Professor of Medicine


Dr. Keath holds a PhD in Molecular Biology/Biochemistry from Saint Louis University and completed a post-doctoral fellowship in the WU Infectious Diseases division in molecular medical mycology.  Prior to joining the GMS division, she was on the faculty at Saint Louis University (Department of Biology) and served in Ireland as a Scientific Programme Officer (Science Foundation Ireland, www.sfi.ie) and consultant for the Irish Cancer Society.  Dr. Keath is the Translational Research Program Officer for the Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences  and leads the ICTS Research Development Program which provides navigation services, project development resources through the  Research Forum Program, and extramural grant editing supports through the Scientific Editing Service.

Additional Titles

  • Translational Research Program Officer, Institute for Clinical and Translational Sciences
  • Research Forum Program Director, Institute for Clinical and Translational Sciences